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Apr 11

Sky Now pay-per-view service launced

Apr 11

LoveFilm digital streaming surpasses DVD rentals

Apr 11

Apple TV device to be called "iPanel"?

Not convinced myself, doesn’t sound great and does anyone apart from techies really use “panel” to refer to a TV? If it were me, I’d go with iScreen or iVision or something else. But it definitely won’t be iTV.

Mar 05

Tech Netflix-branded remotes rumoured for UK

Mar 01

Currys, PC World launch movies on-demand service

Feb 28

TV is broken

My Sister’s family don’t have a television in the house, and all their consumption of video is through streaming services and DVDs. According to her, this article on is exactly how her five-year old daughter feels about broadcast television.

Let’s face it, if broadcast television did not already exist, anyone proposing such a service now as a rival to streaming services would probably be laughed out of the room, “It’s like Hulu or Netflix, but everyone has to watch the same thing at the same time. There will be adverts, but they wont be targeted except by guessing what sort of person likes the show because we will show the same one to everyone. Oh we’ll also be using the most valuable part of the spectrum to get this into these huge dedicated screens that will be fixed to the walls pretty close to their internet connection… What? well I suppose we could have them connected to the internet as well, but that would just be a niche service”

Of course because it does already exist, it won’t go anywhere for a while yet, but the broadcast networks really need to start thinking about the future of their product.


Feb 20 Reblogged

All About The Web Place: HBO Go rolls out to most Samsung Smart HDTVs -- but not through all providers


It’s been nearly a year since Samsung first announced HBO Go access would be coming to its Smart TVs, and today the company announced on all forms of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ — there may be a YouTube video out there somewhere) it’s finally available. Most should be familiar…

Feb 20

Samsung 'agrees movie streaming deal with Blockbuster'

Seems odd that Samsung would make this deal to cover the US as they have their own cross-platform movie streaming service - Media Hub

Mind you who knows what goes on in the world of corporate dealings

Feb 14

Google TV coming to Europe

Good News, can’t wait to get my hands on one to play around and see what we can do with it

Feb 14

Samsung not concerned about Apple

Samsung, the current market leader in connected TV products says that it is not concerned about the rumours regarding the entry of Apple into the connected TV market.

It’s been noted that Palm pretty much made the same sort of claims just before Apple brought out the iPhone.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

— George Santayana, 1906

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